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Cephalometric tracing (CEPH Tracing) is a digitally rendered, overlay drawing produced from a cephalometric radiograph. Superimposed CEPH tracing is used to facilitate CEPH x-ray analysis to evaluate dental treatment plans and dental/facial growth changes.

Digital CEPH Tracing

While the initial CEPH x-ray can be completed in minutes, the post X-ray analysis can take much longer – especially when using a more traditional method of ‘hand tracing’ of the CEPH radiograph. Hand tracing is not only time consuming but runs a high risk of inaccuracies due to human error. 

Many medical professionals have now turned to electronic tracing as a way to save time and reduce errors. CEPH tracing ensures the best and most accurate treatment plans. 

CBCT Scanning

The very best in diagnostic technologies 


To diagnose developmental concerns.

CEPH Tracing

Analyse cephalometric radiographs accurately.

OPG X-ray

Panoramic X-ray of the upper and lower jaw.

Radiology Reports

Comprehensive reporting service.