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A Cephalometric x-ray (CEPH x-ray) consists of a lateral/side-view x-ray of the face.CEPH X-rays are used to diagnose developmental concerns involving the head, neck and jaw. 

As with an OPG X-ray a CEPH radiograph is used to study facial bone and soft tissue landmarks and is used in patients being considered for orthodontic treatment.

Cephalometric Analysis is particularly useful in understanding overbites and underbites, because the position or underdevelopment of the jaw plays a significant role with these concerns.

We can offer two image sizes, LAT and FULL LAT, you can choose one of them based on the purposes of your diagnostic needs. Full lateral gives 30% larger images and the occipital orthodontics and maxillofacial surgeries’ area of the patient for comprehensive diagnosis

What are Ceph X-rays used for?

  • Orthodontic Planning
  • Investigating TMJ concerns
  • Assessing tooth misalignment – particularly in cases where an overbite or underbite is present
  • Diagnosing tooth or jaw fractures
  • Precise measurement of teeth including root structure


CBCT Scanning

The very best in diagnostic technologies 


To diagnose developmental concerns.

CEPH Tracing

Analyse cephalometric radiographs accurately.

OPG X-ray

Panoramic X-ray of the upper and lower jaw.

Radiology Reports

Comprehensive reporting service.