Terms & Conditions

The Scanning Suite Imaging service aims at assisting referring-professionals and patients in diagnosis and treatment planning. However, The Scanning Suite is not responsible for providing any interpretation of images or clinical service.

The Scanning Suite allows referrers and patients to order individual radiology reports, however those are provided under the named Radiologist’s professional responsibility, not under the responsibility of The Scanning Suite.

The Scanning Suite’s mission is to provide the very highest quality results, however The Scanning Suite does not act as liable party for the incorrect or incomplete information on the Referral Form or inappropriate or inadequate patient preparation which may be detrimental to the value of the final product.

At The Scanning Suite we pride ourselves on our efficiency and we endeavour to despatch the images to the referrer and/or the patient as fast as possible, however e.g. possible equipment failure may induce delays in delivering the service.

Patients who are paying for their own imagery provided by The Scanning Suite need to settle their accounts on the day of their order. If not, delay in the processing of the order, or, the delivery of the complete service may occur.

The Scanning Suite does not accept any liability for any conflict between the patient and their insurer, referrer or third party providing payment to The Scanning Suite on the patient’s behalf. In the event of payment failure within 3 months of the delivery of the service by The Scanning Suite, the patient becomes fully responsible for settling of the invoice.

For referrers, The Scanning Suite standard payment terms are up to 14 days; The Scanning Suite reserves its right to involve a 3rd party into debt collection procedures.